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Plan the Future
Gary Gray Financial Services


Here is a guide to help you get started in getting your finances in order, regardless of your age or current financial situation.  Use this checklist to make sure you are prepared! 

Keep in mind without a financial plan you are like a boat without a rudder, you just drift along through life without direction and never reach your target.

In your 20s and 30s 

  Have us prepare you a living trust and living will

  Meet with me to begin the preparation of a financial plan

  Set up a savings plan

  Buy a house

  Invest in at least one growth mutual fund

  Get disability insurance and life insurance if you have kids

  Start a college savings for your kids (via mutual funds)

  Begin contributing to a retirement plan

  Start your Roth IRA in addition to your retirement plan  

In your 40s and 50s 

  Do all of the above, if you havenít already

  Invest for income, as well as growth

  Put a part of your investment portfolio into tax-exempt investments (Calif Tax-Free Bonds)

  Be sure to fund your retirement plan to the max

  Talk to me about buying long-term-care insurance

  Review your living trust and living will, making sure it contains a durable power of attorney

  If your estate (all assets owned, plus insurance) is over $600,000, talk to me about estate and tax planning

  Pay off your mortgage before you retire

In your 60s or at Retirement 

   Invest more for income, but keep some growth mutual funds

   Aim to reinvest income and gains to beat inflation

   Talk to your family about your estate plan and funeral wishes

   Update your living trust and estate plan on an annual basis

 These goals and objectives are for your benefit.  If you have questions please call. 
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Last modified: 12/18/03